How to Screen the Best Job Candidates

Best CandidateOne of the hardest parts of the hiring process is learning how to properly screen job candidates, and then select the best person for the position.

If this is something your hiring team is struggling with, check out these 7 tips of how you can screen the right way:

Know What You Are Looking For

Before you begin the hiring process, you need to focus first on the job position you are seeking to fill.

You need to be sure you fully understand the job description, what skills and qualifications are needed, and whether or not you will need assessments or other testing methods to see how well candidates fit the position.

This is the groundwork for how you will advertise the job to applicants and how to screen them for the position. If you do not fully understand everything surrounding the position, how will you know which candidate is right for the job?

Post Job on Career Sites

Screening applicants requires you to have applicants to screen. Post your job opening on your own website if possible, and be sure to list it on major career sites such as Monster and Indeed.

This will help job seekers see the available position and apply for it.

Use the Same Application for Everyone

When creating the job application, it should be the same for everyone who applies. You can make your application specific to each job position you are hiring for, but everyone who applies for that position should see the exact same application.

This will help you ensure you are giving everyone a fair and equal chance at applying. It will also help you avoid any cases of discrimination or bias that can occur with different sets of applications.

Review All Applications

It has been said that you should give all job applicants a courtesy response about whether or not they have been selected for the position. Even an automated response letting the applicant know you have received their application is better than no response at all.

As you review the applications, separate them into identifiable piles such as: interested, maybe, and no. This will help you to narrow down your choices of a candidate.

Know What to Look for on Resumes

Along with the applications, you will need to review resumes and cover letters if you have requested them. See which resumes highlight the qualities, experience and skills you are looking for.

Also, look for spelling errors, gaps/jumps in employment, and signs of “job hopping.” If you see that someone has signs of job hopping or gaps in their employment history, give them the courtesy of explaining the reasons for this before rejecting them.

Use Preliminary Assessments

Another way to screen applicants is by using assessment tests. This can help you determine which applicants have the level of skills, technical experience, or other expertise needed for certain positions.

This is not necessary for every job position, but it helps in cases where a certain level of skills is needed. You will have to be careful using assessment testing for applicants as there are state guidelines for using this in the hiring process.

Employment tests can easily run into legal problems if not careful. You can read more about employment tests here.

Conduct Phone and In-Person Interviews

Once you have narrowed down your job applicants, you can begin conducting phone interviews. A phone interview can help you see how well the applicant can communicate, answer questions, and express enthusiasm about the job.

You should ask each person the same question and then evaluate their responses based on the answers you are looking for. Phone interviews can also help you narrow your list because you will have an idea of who should move forward based on the phone calls.

If you do not want to conduct a phone interview, you can still initiate in-person interviews. The interview is one of the final steps of the hiring and screening process.

Once you get past the interview stage, it is time to select a candidate for the position. Here is where you will need to conduct any necessary background checks before the individual can officially start working.

At The Orsus Group, we want you to have a successful screening and hiring process. We know these tips will help you to screen the best candidates for your company.