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The Orsus Group is the premier Employment Screening and Corporate Investigations company. Our organization consists of energized, experienced and dedicated professionals who are business savvy with front-line and managerial knowledge of the employment screening and investigation industry. Our focus is to deliver quality, value-added services via proven technology and procedures, consistently supported by a professional team that looks to the horizon for its vision but never loses sight of the bottom line. The Orsus Group recognizes and understands the concerns in the business regarding the protection and safety of its people, assets and good name. Our goal is to help you create the most effective screening and investigative model for your organization to assist in protecting those key elements needed for a company’s future success. Thus, we commit to providing you with better solutions and greater efficiency than our competitor.

1) Per the US Department of Commerce in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, 30 percent of business failures are due to hiring the wrong employee.

2) Negative hires result in issues with drug abuse, absenteeism and theft which amounts to a nationwide loss of over $75 billion a year.

1) According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, fraud and abuse costs U.S. organizations more than $66 billion annually.

2) The most costly abuse occurs in organizations with less than 100 employees.

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